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About Bahrain

A Country You Can Call Home

Bahrain has been one of the Gulf’s most important commercial crossroads for over 4,000 years.

The word Bahrain means ‘two seas’ in Arabic, indicating how the country’s geographic position as a collection of islands has been important throughout its history.

As the land of the ancient Dilmun civilisation, Bahrain has long been a trading centre linking east and west. The country has benefited from its position at the centre of the Gulf’s trade routes and rich pearl diving industry.

By the mid-19th century, the country was the Gulf’s pre-eminent trade hub, emerging as a modern state. Merchants from countries across the Gulf and beyond established themselves on the islands.

Bahrain was the first Gulf state to discover oil, in 1932, and in the past 40 years has led the regional transition to a modern economy. Subsequently, as the first Gulf state to move away from dependence on oil, we have become the region’s most diversified economy.

In particular, our country has become the region’s leading financial centre since the 1980s. Since then manufacturing, logistics, communications, professional services and real estate have also become important sectors. Throughout this period, we have taken great care to build up the skills and talents of the Bahraini people.

In 2002, Bahrain became a constitutional monarchy, and a democratically elected parliament was established.  This marked the beginning of a period of on-going reform. The country also has an established legal framework and respected regulatory system.

Manama is the capital of Bahrain and also its largest city. Manama enjoys a distinct reputation as a tourism and cultural hub regionally and internationally, as shown by its selection as the Capital of Arab Culture in 2012, and Capital of Arab Tourism in 2013, and Capital of Asian Tourism in 2014.

  • Zero Taxation for Private Companies.
  • Few Indirect Taxes for Private Enterprises and Individuals.
  • Free Repatriation of Capital.
  • The only Country in the Region Offering 100% Foreign ownership of Business assets and the Real Estate in most Sectors.
  • Fully Liberalized Telecommunications Sector.
  • Ranked the 18thMost Open Economy Worldwide by the Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal’s 2016 Index of Economic Freedom.
  • Introduced Supportive Most Flexible New Visa Policies in the Region.
  • Committed to Maintaining the Region’s Most Liberal Business Environment.
  • ACCESSBAHRAINis in the Heart of Gulf ~ meaning easy access to every market in the Region whether by Road, Air and Sea.
  • Saudi Arabia is just a less than an hour’s drive away via King Fahad Causeway.
  • Riyadh a 4hour drive or a 30mins flight.
  • Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat are just less than an hour flight away.
  • Qatar ~ is only 25mins flight away
  • Approximately 40% Lower the Cost of doing Business in Bahrain than Dubai and Qatar.
  • Rental Rates for Offices and Industrial Lands are lower than elsewhere in the Region.
  • Electricity, Gas, Water, Cost of Living and Wages are highly competitive.
Transportation of goods to other Regional Cities
  • Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh ~ 1hour by Air, 7days by Sea, 2-3days by Road
  • Kuwait City ~ 45mins by Air, 7days by Sea and 2days by Road
  • Doha ~ 25mins. By Air, 2days by Sea and 1day by Road
  • Jebel Ali ~ 1hour by Air, 2days by Sea and 3days by Road